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We are US Bullion and Currency Reserve

We are glad that you have found a path to connecting with USBCR. We look forward to offering you our very best insight and discrete professionalism that precious metals require. Now that you are here visiting our website you should know, that you have already taken the most important step towards diversifying and hedging your financial well-being.

Our team of seasoned account executives pay great attention to each and every client’s needs as our focus is really aimed at understanding your needs and objectives while helping you find the right precious metals to suit your investment strategy.

United States Bullion and Currency Reserve is not only founded on the premise of best in class service and customer support, but we’ve also built our company securely in the cloud with bleeding edge technology so that we can connect you with a wide range of gold and silver bullion along with rare collections of NGC graded gold and silver coins in real time at warp speed.

We understand that when you are looking to buy precious metals, the problem sometimes is choice. With such a variety of gold and silver to choose from, we tailor or account specialists training and mandatory continuing education around extensive coin knowledge in order to assist you with understanding the real value of gold and silver coins and bars while you navigate our online marketplace.

We have truly built a team of seasoned experts who enjoy guiding you through the process of acquisition. If ever you have questions or concerns our Administrative team is available to you and you are welcome to give us a call at (800)590-7361. If you find something wrong with our process, please don’t hesitate to give us feedback and commentary on how we can improve our end to end customer experience and satisfaction. We value your opinion because your insight helps us adapt our service strategy in order to best serve all of our clients and your feedback is the reason we continue to grow as an organization. At US Bullion and Currency Reserve we strive for excellence, working for you so that you feel comfortable knowing, we operate with integrity and every member of our team will give you their very best whether you purchase precious metals today or one month from now.

Once you’re ready to discuss some options we will be here to assist you.

Our Code of Conduct

At US Bullion and Currency Reserve, we hold our staff and account specialist to high standards. We are always straight forward with you and we treat you with respect and patience until you are completely satisfied you’re making an informed decision for your precious metal investments. We don’t use deceptive practices or make guarantees about the metals we offer. Instead, We focus on connecting you with all the knowledge and information you need to acquire gold and silver at the pace and volume you desire.


About US Bullion and Currency Reserve

We are US Bullion and Currency Reserve, we specialize in helping our clients invest in gold and silver bullion along with certified graded coins. We started buying precious metals one coin at a time and over time, we have mastered the art of acquiring precious metals for our clients big and small. At USBCR we treat every investor with the same respect, whether you are buying 1 silver coin or a Kings ransom of gold bullion. Our seasoned executive staff will help educate you and assist you through every step of your gold and silver acquisition.

With USBCR you can safeguard your assets from all the chaos in the financial markets and hedge against the worlds depreciating fiat currencies. We offer secure and private transactions for all types of precious metals and we treat every client like royalty, because you deserve nothing less.

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