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Invest In Certified Gold

Learn how you can begin investing in certified gold, silver and platinum. Call and speak to an account executive today or submit the information request form below to schedule a call at your own convenience.

What is Certified Gold and Why is it Worth More Than Bullion?

Both bullion and certified coins can provide diversification to a healthy portfolio. Gold has a history of maintaining value and providing a hedge against inflation. Today, gold can be known to protect wealth and offer safety for the future.

Certified Gold refers to coins that have been graded by a precious metals grading service and certified for quality and authenticity. Organizations like NGC and PCGs have trained professionals that examine and grade gold, silver, palladium, and platinum coins.

Other than being graded by a third-party company, certified gold is different than bullion. Once graded they are sealed in a tamper-proof case to preserve the integrity of the coin. When a coin is certified it is given a grade of 1-70, 70 being the highest possible grade (similar to the Sheldon scale of grading diamonds). The coins that are graded in any given grade will always be less than the amount of coins minted, thus creating a scarcity factor that is dictated by supply and demand for that exact coin in that exact grade.

The Benefits of Investing in Certified Gold

There are a variety of benefits of investing in certified gold. The first, and most important benefit, is the opportunity to make a return on your investment. Certified gold has historically always maintained its value.

Also important to understand when investing in certified gold, is that gold has an inherent value that other investments cannot claim. Being a desirable precious metal and limited resource, certified gold will always be worth at least the spot price of gold.

Another benefit of investing in certified gold is the prestige associated with it. With only a certain number of coins receiving the highest grade each year, only a limited number of savvy investors will be able to add that year’s coin to their portfolio. Many clients enjoy collecting and being able to assemble full date runs of any given type of coin; whether it be in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.

USBCR is a Trusted Certified Gold Dealer

United States Bullion and Currency Reserve strives for excellence, working for you so that you feel comfortable knowing we operate with integrity. The members of our US based support team will give you the best information and recommendations for you precious metals needs.

We believe in being straight forward and will treat you with respect and patience until you are satisfied that you’re making an informed decision on how certified gold can benefit your portfolio. We focus on connecting you with knowledge and information as you acquire gold, silver, platinum, and palladium at the pace and volume you desire.

How to Start Investing in Certified Gold

Call 1-800-590-7361 to speak with an Account Executive, browse our offering online at www.usbcrgold.com, or fill out a request to receive your precious metals investors guide and gain valuable insights about how gold, silver, and platinum can protect your net worth

From the moment I reached out to USBCR, they made me feel like family, even though I started with a small purchase at first. They always give me solid information, great service, and my precious metals arrive in a couple of days.”

Martin L. | Odessa, TX

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