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Frequently Asked Questions

We treat all of our client’s shipments with the utmost care and concern. All shipments are 100% insured excluding items shipped not covered by our shipping policy. All of our packages ship discretely and are packaged with an incognito return address to minimize exposure and obfuscate the contents within.

Unfortunately, the price of gold and silver does fluctuate 24 hours a day,  so we cannot change a purchase order after it is initiated.

All purchases of $500 or more are free of charge otherwise the price of each shipment incurs a $30.00 service charge. All Packages shipped by US bullion and Currency Reserve are insured and require a signature by the recipient.

We like how you think, but unfortunately once an order is processed your items begin a secure journey to your mailing address and there is no way we can stop or modify your item(s) delivery.

Due to the nature of price fluctuation along with our automated shipping process, you are not able to cancel your order after the transaction is complete without incurring cancellation charges and the potential for a price drop relative to market fluctuations.

No, we do not allow for local pickup and apologize for any inconvenience. For security reasons our headquarters only allow walk-ins to process payments. We keep our storage and fulfillment facilities undisclosed in order to protect your precious metal transactions and investments.

US Bullion and currency reserve is open Central Time on the following days

Monday through Friday 8:00a.m till 7:00p.m. Central Standard Time

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