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Platinum remains in third place: Why you should invest in Platinum

Platinum remains the third largest in sales production regarding the field of precious metals.  In recent months due to the drop-in spot price under that of gold, platinum has made a powerful push in the world market.

Though platinum does not garner the same attention of gold or silver regarding the use for jewelry, platinum bullion has been a major focus for worldwide investors. Investors are both considering coins and marked bullion to help diversify their precious metals in their portfolios.

Just as you would diversify your portfolio between stocks, bonds, and other investments, one must also consider having diversification among each element of their portfolios.  Precious metals are no different.  Each carries a different function rendering each a necessity for the investor.

One of the most popular is the 2019 1 oz Platinum American Eagle which is fully backed as legal tender by the U.S. federal government and the world for its purity, stunning appearance and of course, with the prominent bald eagle, American pride!

The 2018 Platinum American Eagle coin has a strong lineage as it depicts the “Preamble of the Declaration of Independence Platinum Proof Coin Series.” The 2018 coin proudly exclaims “LIFE” which is inscribed to the direct right of powerful Lady Liberty instructing a child on how to properly sow seeds into a dirt field. This is a figurative representation of what the American dream has for all who enter this country, the ability to plant and grow a great life for one’s self. In the background was etched with the image of a tree in full bloom and a meandering stream, both lending themselves to the idea of prosperity and preservation through perseverance.

The reverse of the coin features another iconic American symbol: The Bald Eagle, with wings, outstretched clutching an olive branch (symbol of peace) in its well-defined talons. The U.S. currency denomination is one hundred dollars however commands much more to own such a piece of American history.

Each coin is comprised of 1 oz of .9995 Platinum and is the first coin in the three-part series (Preamble to the Declaration of Independence Platinum Proof Coin Series). This alone makes it very attractive to most collectors of coins and American history.

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