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Shipping Policies



Shipping Price:

All orders greater than $99.00 will be shipped and insured for free. Any order $99.00 or less will incur a flat rate of $30.00 for shipping and insurance.

*Free Shipping is for US Domestic orders only. For International Shipping, please see below.



Shipping Insurance

All orders are shipped fully insured via USPS, UPS, and FedEx at the discretion of US Bullion and Currency Reserve unless otherwise stated on the website. If anything should happen to your order during shipping, our insurance will cover the package (see below for restrictions which are put in place by our insurer). A signature will be required upon receipt of the package by the consumer at the discretion of US Bullion and Currency Reserve. You might be permitted to file a claim on our insurance policy provided you directly receive the package from the common carrier. If you have agreed to waive signature requirements with your mail carrier, our insurance will not cover your package. If you have other individuals signing for your packages such as property managers, employees, neighbors, etc., or if you have USBCR ship to a UPS Mail Store locations or other mailbox locations our insurance will not cover your package.

If your package is lost or damaged, it will be the responsibility of US Bullion and Currency Reserve to file a claim with our insurance provider. Once the claim is filed, you agree to fully cooperate with any requirement which may be required as part of the investigation. Failure to fully cooperate will jeopardize the ability for us to replace or refund your lost or damaged package. Upon claim approval, we will replace or refund your purchase at our sole discretion.

If you have any further questions about the US Bullion and Currency Reserve Shipping Procedure don’t hesitate to Contact Us!



International Shipping

US Bullion and Currency Reserve does ship internationally. This shipping price will be quoted either at the time of checkout or in certain instances by a US bullion support personnel. This price will be based on products ordered as well as location we are shipping to. Please note that some products sold on our website are not applicable for International Shipping. To learn more about our international shipping policy and to see which countries we ship to please call our support desk at



Can I track My Order?

After your order has been shipped you will receive a confirmation email notifying you of the shipment.  As a part of policy to prevent fraud and or theft we do not issue tracking numbers for our shipments. It is safer for all parties to ship your precious metals in stealth mode. If you ever need an estimated delivery date, just give one of our friendly staff a call and we will sort it out.

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